Member Services:
Secret shoppers
Inventory Control Management
Scheduling and Staffing
Staff Training
Training Material Development
Legal Seminars for staff meetings on how to avoid lawsuits
Food & Restaurant safety Inspections
Re-interviewing Staff
Culture Building & Motivational Speaking
Vendor screening/audit: assist with agreement and price agreements.
Resource Lists

Increased Productivity and Efficiency Consultations:
     We will conduct a custom Quality-Check inspection. Afterwards, we will compile a Threat Assessment report showing areas with the most opportunity for an efficiency upgrade. The Threat Assessment will include zones and how much they are losing. The main zones are:
– Table space – Sales – Service – Health and safety – Menu – Culture & Buy-in – Training – Carelessness – Theft – Inventory – Misc

In-person audit:
     We complete our detailed audit using a combination of compliance-based audit standards, industry standards, and a customized list of quality inspection points compiled over our many years of experience. We will address operational issues you may be struggling with and provide assistance in directly affecting those challenges (inventory, training, staffing, sales, marketing, etc..).

Professional and Discreet Investigation Company.

We are an Investigation company comprised of former Police, Military, and Business Professionals. With over 20 years of experience in Investigations, we are the most equipped company to handle all of your needs.

Background Checks, Surveillance, Insurance Claims, Restaurant & Bar Services, Pre-Employment Screening, Missing Persons, Processor Serving, & Mystery Shoppers/Employee’s efficiency. Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our advanced support team provides diligent services to tackle your goals.
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