Ultra Fast Response

B.O.L.O is a 24/7 dedicated team ready to work your case! 

Accurate Reports

B.O.L.O prides itself on providing accurate and detail reports.


If your case is out of our immediate area, we have partners all across the country that are ready to help meet your needs!

TIME Sensitive

B.O.L.O does not waste time. We understand that Time is Money. Our goal is exceed your expectations without wasting time. 

B.O.L.O Magic

B.O.L.O Agents are not Magicians, but we come pretty close to it. We are creative and use it to our advantage to get those “magic” like results. 


B.O.L.O Agents are comprised of former Federal Officers, Police, Military personnel, and Buisness Managers. WE can cover a wide spectrum of needs across many different facets of business 

Professional and Discreet Investigation Company.

We are an Investigation company comprised of former Police, Military, and Business Professionals. With over 20 years of experience in Investigations, we are the most equipped company to handle all of your needs.

Background Checks, Surveillance, Insurance Claims, Restaurant & Bar Services, Pre-Employment Screening, Missing Persons, Processor Serving, & Mystery Shoppers/Employee’s efficiency. Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our advanced support team provides diligent services to tackle your goals.
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